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Hi, we are a group of friends who are quite free, and one fine day, we came up with the idea of venturing into selling things online. With this in mind, we are here today providing our first class service to people who are interested in a combination of ladies accessories, clothes, and we hope in the future, we can bring in bags as well. With your unconditional support, we hope to be able to bring in nicer things in the future. Please do drop us an email at paradiseboutique@yahoo.com to let us know what would you prefer us to be selling here. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Code: B1
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材質 (Material) :南韓絲 (South Korean Silk)
尺寸 (Size) :均碼 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) : 100 CM
衣长 (Length) : 80 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B2
颜色 (Color) : 杏色 (Beige)
材质 (Material) :绸缎 (Silk)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
前长 : 68 cm
后长 : 70 cm
肩宽 (Shoulder) : 37 cm
胸围 (Bust) : 94 cm
颜色 (Color)很衬肤色
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B3
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材质 (Material) :丝光棉
尺寸 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
衣长 (Length) : 60 CM
胸围 (Bust) :86 CM左右
肩宽 (Shoulder) :32 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B4
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :80-92 CM
衣长 (Length) :75 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM 30

Code: B5
颜色 (Color) : 白色 (White)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :94 CM
肩宽 (Shoulder) :38 CM
腰围 (Waist) :62 CM - 96 CM
衣长 (Length) :80 CM
注 : 不包括腰带 (Not include belt)
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

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