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Hi, we are a group of friends who are quite free, and one fine day, we came up with the idea of venturing into selling things online. With this in mind, we are here today providing our first class service to people who are interested in a combination of ladies accessories, clothes, and we hope in the future, we can bring in bags as well. With your unconditional support, we hope to be able to bring in nicer things in the future. Please do drop us an email at paradiseboutique@yahoo.com to let us know what would you prefer us to be selling here. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cutie Hat Hairbands

Cutie Hat Hairbands for the princess.
These are lovely hairbands.
Price: RM5 each.
Code: Cutie Hairbands (beige + blue/pink/purple/orange)
(white + blue/pink)

The first four are beige + blue/pink/purple/orange
The last two are white + blue/pink

Leggings for anyone???

How can anyone not have lacey looking leggings?
Complete your look with one of these, come in 4 different patterns.:
Code: Please code the names as, starting from the second pictures: Love, Plain, Rose, Flower

Studded Waist Belt

These are studded waist belts to spice up your look. Grab them fast!! Hot selling items.
Price: RM22
Code: Studded Waist Belt (Light brown, dark brown, black)

Waist Belt

These belts have secured buttons in front. Just unbutton them for easy removal and wear.  Of course, the bear is just a demonstration of how to have them secured at the waist. These will make your look more chic.
Very lovely. A must have in your wardrobe.
Price: RM25
Code: Waist Belt ( brown, black)

Rubber Belt

Be a trend setter by owning one of these lovely belts.
Come is 2 shades of brown.
Light brown and purplish brown to match any type of dress.
Quality guaranteed.
Price : RM25
Code: Rubber belt ( light brown, purplish brown)

Polko Dot Ribbons

Sick of boring looking conventional haiclips that won't dent your hair??
Here, we bring in the minie style, polko dot *dentless* hairclips.
Comes in 5 different colours

Price: RM 10 each (restockable upon request)
Code: Polko Dot hairclip ( Dark red, ligh red, pink, black, brown)

Flower Hair Tie Ribbon

Korea lastest fashion is coming to Malaysia. Makesure you're geared with the right accessories to keep yourself in trend. Pick this flower hair tie ribbon that has dual functions. One as a hairband. Another as a brooch on your clothes. Come in 6 amazing shades. There is surely one colour that will melt your heart.

RM 10. * what a steal!!*
Code: Flower ( Black, Orange, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown)

Blush Brush

Rest assured this is one of the most awesome blush brush (Quality comparable to Ecotools). Very Very Soft. Try it, and you will definitely agree with us!!

Price at only RM 18.

Fenling Kabuki brush

Superb Quality!! Fenling Kabuki brush!! Very very soft!! Guarantee you'll fall in love with it!! Grab it while stock last. *Limited*

Only at RM20.

Eyelash for the sexy, gorgeous look!!!

Cheap cheap cheap!!! RM5 per pair. Cheapest deal. Great comfort. Definite sexy looking eyes.
# Criss cross eyelash

# Long and curvy

Fashion Ribbons up for grabs!!!

Latest fashion ribbons, come in 5 different colours. Please quote the names given when ordering:

Leopard Daisy Dolly Disney Giraffe

15cm x 8cm

RM 10 each.....*hot selling items*

Fashion Shorts

Code: S1
颜色 (Color) : 军绿色 (Green)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
弹性 (Elasticity) :无 (No)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
腰围 (Waist) :56-80 CM(有松紧)
臀围 (Hip) :120 CM
裤长 (Length) :40 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 35

Harem pants

Code: P1
颜色 (Color) : 绿色 (Green)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
腰围 (Waist) :62-74 CM(后有松紧)
臀围 (Hip) :102 CM
裤长 (Length) :86 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM 39


Code: D1
材质 (Material) :仿牛仔
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :72-86 CM
腰围 (Waist) :50-88 CM
裙长 (Length) :84 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM RM35

Code: D2
颜色 (Color) :白色 (White)
材质 (Material) :南韩丝 (Korean Silk)
尺寸(Size) :均码 (FREE Size)
胸围 (Bust) :肩宽 (Shoulder)不限
腰围 (Waist) :100 CM 内
裙长 (Length) :73 CM 左右
零售价 (Price) :RM 35

Code: D3
颜色 (Color) : 白色 (White)
材质 (Material) :雪纺 (Chiffon) + 棉 (Cotton)
尺寸 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :82~90 cm
衣长 (Length) :76 cm
肩宽 (Shoulder) :36~37 cm
袖长 (Sleeve) :30 cm
零售价 (Price) : RM 35

Code: D4
颜色 (Color) :白色 (White)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size):均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :76-106 CM
衣长 (Length) :70 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM 35

Code: D5
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :82-100 CM
肩宽 (Shoulder) :40 CM
裙长 (Length) :100 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM35

Code: D6
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :78-94 CM
肩宽 (Shoulder) :36 CM
裙长 (Length) :82 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 35

Code: D7
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
面料 (Material) : 针凿棉
尺码 (Size) : 均码 (Free Size)
裙长 (Length) : 72 cm
胸围 (Bust) : 86 cm
袖长 (Sleeve) : 14 cm
肩宽 (Shoulder) : 34 cm
备注 : 有弹力 无内里 (NO Inner)
零售价 (Price) :RM 30

Code: D8
颜色 (Color) :粉红色 (Pink)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
内衬 (Inner) :无 (No)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :68-88CM
衣长 (Length) :115CM
零售价 (Price) :RM 35

Code: D9
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :42-92 CM
衣长 (Length) :106 CM(不含肩带)not include strap length
零售价 (Price) :RM 35

Code: D10
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton) + 雪纺 (Chiffon)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :46-96 CM
裙长 (Length) :88 CM(不含系肩带)
零售价 (Price) : RM 35


Code: B1
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材質 (Material) :南韓絲 (South Korean Silk)
尺寸 (Size) :均碼 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) : 100 CM
衣长 (Length) : 80 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B2
颜色 (Color) : 杏色 (Beige)
材质 (Material) :绸缎 (Silk)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
前长 : 68 cm
后长 : 70 cm
肩宽 (Shoulder) : 37 cm
胸围 (Bust) : 94 cm
颜色 (Color)很衬肤色
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B3
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材质 (Material) :丝光棉
尺寸 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
衣长 (Length) : 60 CM
胸围 (Bust) :86 CM左右
肩宽 (Shoulder) :32 CM
零售价 (Price) : RM 30

Code: B4
颜色 (Color) : 黑色 (Black)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :80-92 CM
衣长 (Length) :75 CM
零售价 (Price) :RM 30

Code: B5
颜色 (Color) : 白色 (White)
材质 (Material) :棉 (Cotton)
尺码 (Size) :均码 (Free Size)
胸围 (Bust) :94 CM
肩宽 (Shoulder) :38 CM
腰围 (Waist) :62 CM - 96 CM
衣长 (Length) :80 CM
注 : 不包括腰带 (Not include belt)
零售价 (Price) : RM 30